Our beliefs

Creativity! To some, it’s staring at a renaissance painting by a grandmaster or a neatly taken picture posted on Instagram. While this may hold some merit, to us, creativity means something more.

Way more.

In fact, it is all we know. It is that burning “desire that makes us jump out of bed every morning” that provides the motivation to find new and exciting ways to overcome challenges. A desire that fuels our passions and gives us freedom to discover truths that connect us all to ultimately creating strong provocative relationships with good companies and their customers. Ever since our inception, our focus has been to make creativity the goal in whatever we do. And we are fortunate to have clients who dare to see the value of creativity and continue to create with us.

We are LI.


Website Design & Development

Successful brands know the importance of a website as a marketing tool. By delivering Rich interactive content to an audience in the shortest period of time.

It is essential to ensure your website design & development are simple, clean and user friendly, to make the user experience enjoyable and memorable. Using heatmaps, visual stimulators and exciters and other in house tools we constantly up the game on interactivity to make sure our clients keep their customers engaged.


Mobile App Development

Where is your mobile phone right now?

There’s a big chance that it is within 5 feet away from you. On average people use 5 mobile applications a day and spend 25% of their waking time on their mobile phones. Having a mobile app is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity in delivering high consumer value.


Digital Game Development

Whoever said games are only for kids clearly have no idea of the power gamification has in developing individual neurological connections, skills and enriching society as a whole.

Although we admit that not all games are created with the intention of enriching peoples lives some remain great stress busters. But a well structured game is a great way for brands to interact with their customers and retain brand loyalty and show that your brand is keeping up with the digital world.


Branding & Campaigns

We believe that Branding is what gives the advertising world color and its absence would create a white dull advertising world.

The most powerful trademarks in the world today have highly desirable branding that can engage and excite an audience by its very appearance. A well designed branding campaign is a great way to compliment a product or service offered.


Video Animation

Whether its for an internal presentation or a television commercial a video is a great way to tell a story.

We strongly believe that video is the way forward for the brands on digital media and have a fully equipped digital animation studio capable of undertaking the most innovative and challenging video ideas of our clients.


Digital Marketing Services

The customer holds the key to unlock the secrets to success of any brand. Gone are the days of the “Big Idea”.

Today its about knowing what your customer will want in the future and catering to that insight. Understanding what websites they visit what mobile applications they use and how frequently they are used. How much time do they spend on your website/social media? Having a concrete digital strategy and knowing what tools to use to get there is a guaranteed winner in our books.